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Over the past decades, the CTN has expanded the scope of its research questions and methodologies to respond to changing needs, while maintaining its core focus and expertise. The scope of problems addressable using CTN expertise is escalating, as is the number and breadth of CTN members and membership. CTN’s membership and membership categories has been expanded in a targeted and dynamic way to help the Network achieve current and emerging priorities. Recognizing the important contributions of many kinds of experts to CTN, the Network has six kinds of members:

(1) Investigators (academic and community)
(2) Clinical research coordinators
(3) Community members
(4) Postdoctoral Fellows
(5) Committee members
(6) National Centre

External Advisory Committee


Core Leads

Committee Chairs

National Centre

National Directors

Latest News

CTN 281: Canadian Children Falling Short of UNAIDS target

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A new publication from the EPIC4 Study (CTN 281) found that 73% of Canadian children living with HIV achieved a sustained undetectable viral load

Guest Blog: Dr. Ronita Nath

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Dr. Ronita Nath is the 2018 recipient of the James Kreppner CTN Postdoctoral Fellowship Award.

Postdoc Spotlight: Dr. Shayna Skakoon-Sparling

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It has been reported that MSM may be more vulnerable to loneliness. This spotlight feature reveals how CTN postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Shayna Skakoon-Sparling, aims to gain a more thorough understanding of how loneliness impacts MSM

DRUM & SASH: Contextualizing barriers and leveraging strength

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CTN 301-2 is examining the barriers and facilitators of HIV and STBBI prevention and treatment programs in Alberta rural and urban First Nation and Métis settings.