marinaklein140Clinical Sciences Plenary

The Canadian Co-infection Cohort Study (CTN 222): Building the Case for Increased Access to HCV Therapy for HIV-HCV Co-Infected Persons

Friday, May 2nd, 09:00 – 09:45

Dr. Marina Klein

CTN National Co-Director, Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University Health Centre, Division of Infectious Diseases and Chronic Viral Illness Service, Montreal, Quebec

Oral Abstracts
11:00 – 12:30
HIV Prevention and Assorted Other Issues
Prognostic Value of the Veterans Aging Cohort Study (VACS) Index for Mortality in Canada Angela Cescon, Mark Hull, Wendy Zhang, Janet M. Raboud, Curtis Cooper, Susan Shurgold, Ann N. Burchell, Marina B. Klein, Mona R. Loutfy, Nima Machouf, Julio S. Montaner, Anita Rachlis, Sean B. Rourke, Chris Tsoukas Robert S. Hogg, The Canadian Observational Cohort
Coinfections and Comorbidities
Does Opioid Use Play a Role in Progression of Liver Fibrosis in HIV-Hepatitis C (HCV) Co-Infection? Laurence Brunet, Erica E. Moodie, Joseph Cox, Neora Pick, Mark Hull, Brian Conway, Curtis Cooper, Sharon Walsmley, Mark Tyndall, Marina B. Klein
Local and Global Evaluations of Interventions, Public Health Programs, and Policy
Continuum of HIV Treatment in Canada, 2003-2012 Guillaume Colley, Angela Cescon, Janet Raboud, Susan Shurgold, Marina B. Klein, Curtis Cooper, Mona R. Loufty, Nima Machouf, Chris Tsoukas, Julio S. Montaner, Robert S. Hogg, The Canadian Observational Cohort
15:00 – 17:00
HIV/Living with GIPA: Resilience(s), Stigma(s) and Disclosure(s)
“You know exactly where you stand in line…its right at the very bottom of the list”: Negotiating place and space among women living with HIV seeking health care in British Columbia, Canada  Allison Carter, Saara Greene, Valerie Nicholson, Julia Dahlby, Alexandra de Pokomandy, Mona R. Loutfy, Angela Kaida
HIV Immunology
A potential host beneficial role of IL-37 in the pathogenesis of AIDS Ossama Allam Mohammad A. Jenabian, Suzanne Samarani, Cécile Tremblay, Jean-Pierre Routy, Ali Ahmad
CSP114:00-15:00Adherence and Engagement in Care Factors Associated with Recommended and Low Engagement in HIV Care after Initiating Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Jennifer Gillis, Mona Loutfy, Ahmed Bayoumi, Curtis Cooper, Marina Klein, Tony Antoniou, Nima Machouf, Ann N. Burchell,Chris Tsoukas, Robert Hogg, Janet M. Raboud
Adherence and Engagement in Care
Validation of the Berger’s HIV stigma scale among People Living with HIV in Canada and Colombia David Montano, Hector F. Mueses, Rawan Rumman, Jaime Galindo, Inés C. Tello, Jorge L. Martinez-Cajas, Beatriz E. Alvarado,
Adherence and Engagement in Care
Social and Psychosocial Factors Related to ART Adherence Among People Living with HIV/AIDS Receiving Care in Cali, Colombia David Montano, Hector F. Mueses, Jaime Galindo, Inés C. Tello, Beatriz E. Alvarado, Jorge L. Martinez-Cajas
Clinical Trials of Antiretrovirals
Who Stays on HAART in Early/Acute Infection? Hubert Wong, Terry Lee, Joseph B. Margolick, Linda Apuzzo, Joel Singer, Harout Tossonian, Brian Conway
The Impact of Smoking Tobacco and Other Drugs on Respiratory Illnesses among HIV/HCV Co-infected Patients Kathleen C. Rollet-Kurhajec, Mark Tyndall, Sharon Walmsley, Curtis Cooper, Brian Conway, Mark Hull, Joseph Cox, Valerie Martel-Laferiere, Anita Rachlis, Marina B. Klein
14:00-15:00Epidemiology and Surveillance of HIV Co-infections
Incident and Persistent HPV Infection in HIV Positive Women Following Vaccination with the qHPV Vaccine Erin Moses, Sandra Blitz, Janet Raboud, Francois Coutlee, Sharon Walmsley, Mona Loutfy, Wendy Wobeser, Fiona Smaill, Gina Ogilvie, Simon Dobson, Deborah Money
14:00-15:00Epidemiology and Surveillance of HIV/AIDS
Risk profiles for HIV transmission and HIV status among men who have sex with men, transgender, sexual workers and heterosexuals, Cali-Colombia Héctor F. Mueses, Jaime Galindo, Julissa Posso, Ines C. Tello-Bolivar, David Montano1 Jorge L. Martinez-Cajas, Beatriz E. Alvarado
14:00-15:00Evaluation of Interventions, Public Health Programs and Policy
Transitioning an Intervention for Spanish Speaking Newcomers in Canada to Colombians in Their Home Country Gerardo Betancourt, Beatriz Alvarado, Barry D. Adam
14:00-15:00Evaluation of Interventions, Public Health Programs and Policy
A framework for community ownership of a text messaging programme among clients with HIV Lawrence Mbuagbaw, Renee Cecile Bonono-Momnougui, Thabane Lehana, Charles Kouanfack, Marek Smieja, Lisa Dolovich, Pierre Ongolo-Zogo
14:00-15:00Regional, National and International Cohort Studies
Food insecurity is common among people living with HIV-HCV (CTN264) – a sub-study of the Canadian Co-infection Cohort (CCC; CTN222) Joseph Cox, Anne-Marie Hamelin, Emilie Maurais, Aranka Anema, Sean B. Rourke, Erica Moodie, Brian Conway, Mark Hull, Mark Tyndall, Neora Pick, Curtis Cooper, Sharon Walmsley, Sahar Saeed, Marina B. Klein, for the Canadian Co-infection Cohort Investigators
14:00-15:00Regional, National and International Cohort Studies
Comparative Analysis of Late Initiation of HIV Treatment between Canada and the UK, 2000-2011 Guillaume Colley, Angela Cescon, Hasina Samji, Keith Chan, Sophie Jose, Susan Shurgold, Caroline Sabin, Robert S. Hogg, CANOC-UK CHIC Collaboration
14:00-15:00Regional, National and International Cohort Studies
Mortality among treatment-experienced people living with HIV in the United Kingdom and Canada Sophie Patterson, Hasina Samji, Keith Chan, Angela Cescon, Sophie Jose, Susan Shurgold, Ann N. Burchell, Curtis Cooper, Marina B. Klein, Mona R. Loutfy, Nima Machouf, Julio S. Montaner, Janet Raboud, Chris Tsoukas, Caroline Sabin, Robert Hogg
14:00-15:00Social, Structural and Systemic Drivers and Contexts of HIV Risk
The Importance of Aboriginal Cultural Identity for Women as Described by the Social Identity Theory Anita C. Benoit, Kerrigan Beaver, Doe O’Brien-Teengs, Saara Greene, Wanda Whitebird, Art Zoccole, Renee Masching, Mona Loutfy,

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CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network Postdoctoral Fellows Breakfast Symposium

Saturday, May 3rd, 07:15 – 08:50

Breakfast starts at 07:15. Presentations start at 07:30 with the announcement of new Postdocs for 2014-2015.

Host: CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN)

Attendance: This session is open to all CAHR participants.

Oral Abstracts
11:00-12:30HIV in Pregnant Women, Children, and Adolescents
Planning Research for Transition of HIV-infected Adolescents in Canada – Outcomes from a National Research Planning Meeting Jason C. Brophy, Fatima Kakkar, Logan Kennedy, Ari Bitnun, Ariane Alimenti, Wendy Vaudry, Sandra Seigel, Christos Karatzios, Michael Clark, Lindy Samson, Valerie Lamarre, Normand Lapointe, Kevin Gough, Gordon Arbess, Jonathan Angel, Marina Klein, Mona Loutfy
Regional, National,and International Cohort Studies
Predictors of unstructured antiretroviral treatment interruption and resumption among HIV-positive individuals in Canada Hasina Samji, Taha T. Taha, David Moore, Ann N. Burchell, Angela Cescon, Curtis Cooper, Janet M. Raboud, Marina B. Klein, Mona R. Loutfy, Nima Machouf, Chris M. Tsoukas, Julio Montaner, Robert S. Hogg, The Canadian Observational Cohort
15:00-17:00Antiretroviral Therapies and Access to Care
Switching from first ART regimen while virologically suppressed is common in the CANOC cohort and is associated with increased risk of subsequent virologic failure Mark Hull, Angela Cescon, Janet M. Raboud, Marina B. Klein, Sharon Walmsley, Erin Ding, Susan Shurgold, Nima Machouf, Ann N. Burchell, Curtis Cooper, Mona R. Loutfy, Julio S. Montaner, Chris Tsoukas, Robert S. Hogg, The Canadian Observational Cohort
15:00-17:00Intersectional Framing of HIV, Sex, and Gender: Contested Contexts, Experiences, and Responses
Hiring, training, and supporting peer researchers: Operationalizing community-based research principles within epidemiological studies by, with, and for women living with HIV Angela Kaida, Allison Carter, Jo Lemay, Nadia O’Brien, Saara Greene, Valerie Nicholson, Jamie Thomas-Pavane, Karène Proulx-Boucher, Johanna Lewis, Anita Benoit, Wangari Tharao, Alexandra de Pokomandy, Mona R. Loutfy
Immunology: Regulators and Reservoirs
Characterization of T Cell Immune Response Breadth and Magnitude in HIV+ Elite Controllers Enrolled in the Canadian Cohort of HIV-Infected Slow Progressors Gamze Isitman, Marie-Pierre Boisvert, Cecile L. Tremblay, Nicole F. Bernard
15:00-7:00Immunology: Regulators and Reservoirs
HIV-1 Reservoirs in Central Memory Cells Expressing the Th17 Marker CCR6 are Reactivated by All-Trans Retinoic Acid Annie Gosselin, Sandrine DaFonseca, Aurelie Cleret Buhot, Patricia Monteiro, Mohammad-Ali Jenabian, Jean-Pierre Routy, Nicolas Chomont, Petronela Ancuta
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