Dr. Caley Shukalek is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Departments of Medicine & Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. His clinical and academic work focuses on health informatics and system interventions for the prevention and management of persons with or at risk of HIV and STIs with additional interests in health impacts of human sexuality. His administrative work similarly strives to improve patient safety and outcomes through health informatics/system process and data model change management. Outside of his AMHSP, Caley is a board member and research committee chair for The SHARP Foundation that provides harm reduction and support services for persons living with or most at risk of HIV infection in Calgary. SHARP was the local champion of the initial work that helped formulate the ‘Aging with Pride’ document and has continued this work to allow for the creation of training modules for caregivers who support LGBTQ2S+ elders and aging persons living with HIV.

Caley completed his MD and General Internal Medicine fellowships at the University of Calgary along with clinical and research training in sexual health and HIV/AIDS at Johns Hopkins University Hospital and the University of California, San Francisco, funded by the Subrata Ghosh & Buchanan Chair Awards. In addition to his MD, Caley completed his Bachelor and Master of Science at the University of Alberta and Master of Public Health with a focus in Epidemiology & Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.