All applicants will be notified regarding the success of their application. Successful applicants will receive confirmation of the award amount and the in-kind services to be provided along with the study lead’s responsibilities and reporting requirements.

The financial award will be provided in two separate payments. The initial payment will be released when the CTN is notified of Research Ethics Board and Institutional (if applicable) approval and when the contract between the CTN National Centre and the applicant’s home institution is complete. The second payment will be provided once half the recruitment is complete and only with the submission of a progress report at the request of the CTN.

Studies must be initiated within 12 months. If merited, one extension will be granted; if the study is not initiated within 18 months, the award must be returned to the CTN.

Awardees must develop the pilot study in consultation with an appropriate CTN Core and their supervisor (if applicable).

The awardee must provide updates about the progress of the Pilot Study when requested.

During the pilot study and upon completion, awardees are encouraged to publish or present their findings, adhering to the CTN Publication Guidelines.