Carl Chartrand-Lefebvre is a cardiothoracic radiologist at the University of Montreal Hospital (CHUM), Professor at the University of Montreal, and regular scientist at the CHUM Research Center (CRCHUM).

He has been involved in the Canadian HIV and Aging Cohort study (CHACS; CTN 272) since the inception of this multicentric prospective cohort in 2013, led by Dr. Cécile Tremblay and now by Dr. Madeleine Durand. Dr Chartrand-Lefebvre main efforts in CTN 272 involve the cardiovascular imaging research program, which involves imaging modalities such as cardiac computed tomography (subclinical coronary atherosclerosis, epicardial fat) and carotid ultrasound elastography, as well as muscular mass imaging. An ongoing prospective imaging biobank of > 250 people living with HIV and non-infected controls also contribute to a network of labs, as part of CTN 272, aiming to decipher how inflammatory markers relate to subclinical atherosclerosis in people living with HIV. Dr Chartrand-Lefebvre is also leading, as part of CTN 272 and in collaboration with McGill University, a pilot study assessing the links between cardiovascular health, and later brain structure and cognition, with emphasis on imaging markers. Dr Chartrand-Lefebvre is also Chair of the Department of Radiology, Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine at the University of Montreal.