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Over 20,000 participants since 1990

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Network Vision

The CTN is a Canada-wide partnership of researchers, people living with HIV and their caregivers, governments, health advocates, and the innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry who are all committed to generating knowledge on the prevention, treatment, and management of HIV, hepatitis C (HCV), and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) and developing a cure for HIV, through the conduct of scientifically sound clinical trials, research, and other interventions. The CTN is dedicated to engaging with community and maximizing the impact of research and ultimately improving the health of Canadians by applying knowledge gained through research at home and abroad into clinical and non-clinical practice.

Strategic Priorities

In 2019-2024, the CTN will continue to facilitate and support high-quality, community-collaborative, investigator-driven clinical trials and innovative non-interventional research, while continuing to translate knowledge available in both official languages, to provide mentorship and training, and to share resources and expertise. The CTN’s strategic priorities for 2019-24 are the following:

1. National and Strategic Research Agenda: To develop, adapt and implement a strategic research agenda aligned with current and emerging priorities in HIV, HCV, STBBIs and other related health conditions;

2. Network Structure, Governance and Management: To sustain a national infrastructure that enables Canadian researchers to conduct innovative research in collaboration with the community;

3. Excellence of the Team: To ensure that the CTN continues to be a high-performance, service-oriented, and accountable organization that supports researchers to deliver and translate high-quality science that has a measurable impact on the health of Canadians and beyond;

4. Network Training and Career Development: To continue to strengthen capacity to conduct patient-oriented, clinical and virological, outcomes-based research through training and mentoring initiatives;

5. Network Impact: To ensure the relevance of our work through the active and meaningful involvement of stakeholders and partners (including people living with HIV, community organizations, clinicians, policymakers, and relevant national networks) in CTN activities and governance committees;

6. Knowledge Translation: To continue to enable the timely translation and uptake of knowledge generated through the Network, into health outcome improvements and guidelines for patient care to support the use of best practices by clinicians, community members, and policy makers.

Latest News

DRUM & SASH: Contextualizing barriers and leveraging strength

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CTN 301-2 is examining the barriers and facilitators of HIV and STBBI prevention and treatment programs in Alberta rural and urban First Nation and Métis settings.

Guest Blog: Dr. Priscilla Medeiros

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Dr. Priscilla Medeiros, CTN Postdoctoral Fellow at Women’s College Research Institute, describes her ongoing work with CHIWOS on the experiences and health priorities of women living with HIV.

Guest Blog: Dr. Hudson Reddon

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Dr. Hudson Reddon, CTN Postdoctoral Fellow, discusses his project which aims to describe the effect of cannabis legalization on injection drug use and HIV risk.

CTN at the 2019 IAS Conference on HIV Science

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The 10th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science – known as IAS 2019 – will take place on July…