The CTN Pilot Study Funding Program was implemented to provide funding for pilot or proof-of-concept studies.

Studies are supported with a cash contribution of up to $50,000 and are eligible for a maximum of $50,000 of in-kind services from the CTN National Centre. The award is intended to pay for all of the direct costs associated with the study. Applications from existing projects seeking top-up funding are not accepted.

This Program also provides training and mentorship opportunities for junior investigators in order to gain experience on how to run an intervention/clinical trial or implement a research project, by working with senior investigators and National Centre staff. The Program is only open to CTN Investigators who are within ten years of their first university appointment or professional position, or fellows/trainees who are supervised by a CTN Investigator. Current CTN Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible to apply, however, their funds must be held by their supervising CTN Investigator.

View the Pilot Study Funding Program Concept Submission Form and the Pilot Study Funding Program Guidance Document.

Pilot Program 2023/24 Competition dates:

  • Notice of Interest to Core Lead: September 29, 2023
  • Concept Form Due: October 31, 2023
  • Invitation to Submit from CTN: November 10, 2023
  • Submission Due: December 15, 2023
  • Pilot Study Adjudication Committee Meeting: January/February 2024

Pilot Study Funding Process:

Candidates who are interested in applying, and who fulfill the Program Requirements, must contact at least one of the Core Co-leads at least 30 days before the Concept Form Submission deadline. The Core Co-lead will provide the candidate with guidance, ensure the concept aligns with the CTN’s areas of scientific focus outlined on the Concept Submission Form, and sign off on the concept submission form. For assistance contacting the appropriate Core Co-lead, please email

  • After the concepts are submitted, the Core Co-leads will meet to vet the Concept Submission Forms and recommend a short-list of concepts for full submission.
  • The CTN invites the candidates with the short-listed concepts to submit a full proposal. The Pilot Study Funding Program Full Proposal Form will be available soon.
  • Candidates who are invited to submit full proposals will be invited to attend the CTN semi-annual meeting to meet with Core Leads, Core Members, CAC Members, and CTN National Centre Staff to receive informal assistance and guidance with developing their final proposal.
  • The candidates must complete the full application and should liaise with the applicable Core Co-lead and the CTN National Centre while doing so.
  • Submissions are then reviewed by the Pilot Study Adjudication Committee.

All applicants will be notified regarding the success of their application. Successful applicants will receive confirmation of the award amount and the in-kind services to be provided along with the study lead’s responsibilities and reporting requirements.