The CTN only accepts proposals for studies that align with our scientific priorities. The following type of proposals are encouraged:

  • Multi-centred clinical trials
  • Multi-centred clinical research studies
  • Cohort studies, but only national multi-centred observational studies that have been peer-reviewed, approved, and fully funded by another funding agency
  • Pilot studies that do not fit the criteria for the CTN Pilot Study Funding Program, if justification can be provided
  • Implementation science projects, preferably multi-centred and with a focus on health care innovation
  • Community-based research that aligns with the scientific priorities.

The CTN may also accept innovative proposals that will advance research and health care. The Core Co-leads will provide guidance for these applicants and may be required to advocate on their behalf to provide a rationale to the CTN and the review committees for supporting this type of innovation.

Eligibility and Process:

  • Only CTN Investigators may apply.
  • CTN Investigators must contact the Core Co-leads at least 30 days before the LOI deadline as the Core Co-leads can guide the applicant, ensure the submission aligns with the CTN’s scientific priorities, and then provide Core approval by signing the LOI Submission Registration Form prior to submitting it to the CTN on behalf of the applicant (a sample form plus an LOI checklist is available here)
  • Studies/projects must have primary funding prior to the Full Submission deadline; cohort studies must be fully funded prior to submission. When making requests for CTN services or supplemental funds, be realistic with your estimates as limited funds are available. The CTN asks applicants to indicate which CTN services they will be requesting, if invited to submit a full proposal. If applicants are requesting supplemental funds, they must be explicit and provide justification for their request.

The CTN will not provide:

  • Full study funding;
  • “Top-up” funding without proper justification;
  • Study drugs or devices;
  • Equipment and computers;
  • On-site personnel for studies; or
  • Funds for archiving or archiving services.

Note for applicants requesting CTN services or supplemental funds:

All approved projects are reviewed by the CTN’s Funding Committee. There is no guarantee that the Funding Committee will approve the CTN services or supplemental funds requested by the applicant.

  • When completed, the LOI Registration Form must be emailed as an attachment to
  • Once submitted, the CTN will forward the LOI forms to the Core Co-leads for approval and the Core will submit the final approved LOIs to the CTN on behalf of the applicants.