To check the integrity of the files, you may use the file’s MD5 checksum to verify if your files are the same as on the server. Windows provides a built-in function to generate a hash. To run it, please open a command prompt and run the following command to generate a checksum.

certutil -hashfile [File Location] MD5

MD5 checksum: 32c069ea328c94d8d73694e0c89d32c3

MD5 checksum: bfbe651655d4886a164bf476ec47ed74

MD5 checksum: e917365d8c14a34fa622633724b2229e

MD5 checksum: be3e4413f8c22f72a2419e90b4faa8ff

MD5 checksum: 58e851385d0983b3524a32a6decab7ab

MD5 checksum: cdd54af5d35cbdcc382dd6ea2754129a