Who are we?

The CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN) is an innovative partnership funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to conduct clinical trials of the highest scientific and ethical standards involving treatments, prevention, and vaccines for HIV and related health conditions. The CTN supports and promotes the principle of greater involvement of people living with HIV (GIPA) in all its activities.

What are the C4 Teams?

The C4 Teams works alongside the CTN Research Cores to develop and strengthen a community-informed and centred research model that upholds the principles of GIPA/MIPA and strives to amplify the voices and perspectives of historically oppressed, vulnerable, marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Call for Nominations: C4 Teams Community Co-Lead

We are currently seeking nominations for the newly created role of Community Co-Lead to help us take the next step forward in engaging community within our research activities across the cores. We are particularly seeking candidates from underrepresented and historically oppressed communities possessing strong leadership abilities and experience in research. This role is designated for a person living with HIV. Previous experience with the CTN is an asset.

This volunteer leadership role will represent a broad and diverse range of voices from key priority populations across the country. Qualified nominees should have:

  • Experience in clinical or community-based research networks. Previous experience with the CTN is an asset
  • Experience with strategic leadership and planning, board governance, and committee work
  • A knowledge of and interest in HIV, HCV and/or STBBI prevention, treatment and care issues
  • Demonstrated connection to the community of people living with HIV
  • An understanding of issues of importance to various HIV communities
  • This role is designated for a person living with HIV and comfortable disclosing their HIV status. During engagement activities, disclosure may be involuntary in settings with other people living with HIV

More information on the Community Co-Lead roles and responsibilities is available here.

Who Can Nominate?

A candidate may be nominated by any individual CTN Investigator or an investigator from a similar clinical or community-based research network, a current or former CTN Community Advisory Committee (CAC) member or representative from a CTN affiliated partner community service organization.

How do I nominate a community member from my organization?

  • Nomination is accomplished by completing the nomination form, attaching the nominee’s resume, and by including signatures of the nominee and the nominator.
  • The candidate must be informed of the intent to nominate and must be in agreement per the terms above.
  • Nominee’s resume should highlight experience in clinical and/or community-based research, as well as strategic planning, board governance and/or community outreach activities.
  • The completed nomination form and nominee’s resume must be submitted by the deadline, Friday, August 20, 2021 and emailed to msmith@hivnet.ubc.ca.

Nominees must review the Community Co-Lead Roles and Responsibilities document (Appendix A), commit sufficient time for their duties (approximately 5-6 hours per week), and agree to and abide by CTN’s Code of Conduct. The C4 Teams Community Co-Lead will be appointed for a term of 3 years and may have their appointment renewed once. This role will require a time commitment of approximately 5-6 hours per week, and some travel may be required for meetings. The Network pays a modest honorarium and covers travel expenses for meetings.

The call for nominations is open until the end of day Friday, August 20, 2021.