National Program

The CTN Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards Program facilitates research in HIV and related health conditions by providing funding to candidates who wish to write a trial protocol, research program, and develop and run their own trial. Each award is worth $50,000 plus up to $5,000 in travel allowance on expenses claimed. The fellowships provide career support and are renewable for up to two years. Former CTN postdoctoral fellows from the last two decades include some of Canada’s leading HIV clinical investigators today.


We invite applications from MDs who have completed their medical residency program or PhDs who have completed their PhD. In addition, Biostatisticians with a PhD and working in a HIV or related health conditions group are also eligible to apply.

International Fellowship

One International Fellowship is available to train a scientist who is committed to developing and conducting HIV treatment or prevention research studies in a resource-limited country. The amount of this award will be consistent with local rates and will include travel to semi-annual meetings in Canada. Please refer to the specific guidelines for this fellowship.

If you have any questions about the CTN Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards Program please contact:
Manager, Postdoctoral Fellowships and Committees
588-1081 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6 Canada
Tel: 1-604-806-8381
Tel: Toll free 1-800-661-4664 (in Canada)

2017-2018 Competition

The 2017 postdoctoral fellowship competition is closed.

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Recipients of the 2017-2018 Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

  • Dr. Nisha Andany
  • Dr. Kayoed Balogun
  • Dr. Chelsea Elwood
  • Dr. Mamadou Kaba (CTN International Fellow)
  • Dr. Nadine Kronfli
  • Dr. Nasheed Moqueet
  • Dr. Nancy Nashid
  • Dr. Malika Sharma


CTN Postdoctoral Fellows (2012-17)

Dr. Kayode Balogun

Dr. Mamadou Kaba

Dr. Nasheed Moqueet

Dr. Hanh Thi Pham

Dr. Nisha Andany

Dr. Nancy Nashid

Dr. Nadine Kronfli

Dr. Moleen Zunza

Dr. Malika Sharma

Dr. Chelsea Elwood

Dr. Gisele Ngomba-Kadima

Dr. Margo Pearce

Dr. Nathan Lachowsky

Dr. Gamze Isitman

Dr. Gamze Isitman

Dr. Alexandra King

Dr. Alexandra King

Dr. Connie Kim

Dr. Connie Kim

Dr. Lauren MacKenzie

Dr. Lauren MacKenzie

Dr. Sarah Khan

Dr. Sarah Khan

Dr. Mary-Anne Doyle

Dr. Mary-Anne Doyle

Dr. Wei Cao

Dr. Wei Cao

Dr. Hakimeh Mohammadi

Dr. Hakimeh Mohammadi

Dr. Mohammad-Ali Jenabian

Dr. Mohammad-Ali Jenabian

Dr. Sheetal Patel

Dr. Amy Slogrove

Dr. Agnes Depatureaux

Dr. Agnes Depatureaux

Dr. Jackson Kijumba Mukonzo

Dr. Michelle Science

Dr. Michael Clark

CTN Postdoctoral Fellows 1992-2017


Elwood, Chelsea

2016-Dr. Deborah Money

Sharma, Malika

2016-Dr. Darrell Tan

Zunza, Moleen

2016-Drs. Lehana Thabane, Mark Cotton, & Taryn Young

Kronfli, Nadine

2016-Dr. Marina Klein

Nashid, Nancy

2016-Drs. Ari Bitnun, Jason Brophy, & Stanley Read

Andany, Nisha

2016-Dr. Mona Loutfy

Pearce, Margo

2015-Drs. Marina Klein & Bob Hogg

Thi Pham, Hanh

2015-Dr. Mark Wainberg

Ngomba-Kadima, Gisèle

2015-2016Drs. Lehana Thabane & Lawrence Mbuagbaw

Lachowsky, Nathan

2015-2016Dr. David Moore

Khan, Sarah

2014-2016Drs. Ari Bitnun & Mona Loutfy

Kim, Connie

2014-2016Drs. Sharon Walmsley & Rupert Kaul

MacKenzie, Lauren

2014-2016Drs. Mark Hull & Julio Montaner

Cao, Wei

2014-2015Drs. Jean-Pierre Routy & Tai Sheng Li

King, Alexandra

2014-2015Drs. Neora Pick & Ruth Martin

Mohammadi, Hakimeh

2014-2015Dr. Lena Serghides

Doyle, Mary-Anne

2013-2015Dr. Curtis Cooper

Slogrove, Amy

2013-2014Drs. Joel Singer & Mark Cotton

Depatureaux, Agnès

2013-2014Dr. Mark Wainberg

Isitman, Gamze

2013-2014Dr. Nicole Bernard

Patel, Sheetal

2013-2014Dr. Mark Tyndall

Jenabian, Mohammad Ali

2012-2014Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy and Norbert Gilmore

Mukonzo, Jackson Kijumba

2012-2013Drs. Colin Ross, Jasper Ogwal-Okeng, & Nelson Sewankambo

Clark, Michael

2012-2013Drs. Jason Brophy, Lindy Samson, & Bill Cameron

Science, Michelle

2012-2013Drs. Ari Bitnun & Stanley Read

Durand, Madeleine

2011-2014Dr. Cécile Tremblay

Mesplède, Thibault

2011-2013Dr. Mark Wainberg

Grennan, Jonathan Troy

2011-2013Dr. Mona Loutfy

Benoit, Anita

2011-2013Dr. Mona Loutfy

Morfaw, Frederick

2011-2012Drs. Lehana Thabane, Nana Jotang Philip, & Lawrence Mbuagbaw

Kunda, John

2011-2012Drs. Lehana Thabane, Ann Cockroft, & Neil Andersson

Illing, Vanessa

2011-2012Drs. Louise Balfour & Bill Cameron

Costiniuk, Cecilia

2011-2012Dr. Jonathan Angel

Odueyungbo, Adefowope (Ade)

2010-2012Dr. Marina Klein

Peretz, Yoav

2010-2011Dr. Mark Wainberg

Mbuagbaw, Lawrence

2010-2011Drs. Lehana Thabane, Jimmy Volmink, & Pierre Ongolo-Zogo

Lebouché, Bertrand

2009-2012Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy

Finney, Constance

2009-2012Drs. Kevin Kain & John Gill

Papp, Eszter

2009-2011Drs. Deborah Money & Hélène Côté

De Rosa, Maria Fabiana

2009-2011Dr. Reina Bendayan

Sloan, Richard

2008-2011Dr. Mark Wainberg

Potter, Martin

2008-2010Drs. Marina Klein & Joe Cox

Kakalia, Spenta

2008-2010Drs. Ari Bitnun & Stanley Read

Saeedi, Ramesh

2008-2009Dr. Greg Bondy

Roberts, Ashley

2008-2009Drs. Patricia Spittal & Nelson Sewankambo

Tan, Darrell

2007-2008Dr. Sharon Walmsley

Pai, Nitika

2006-2008Dr. Marina Klein

Martinez, Jorge

2006-2008Dr. Mark Wainberg

Alvarez, Gonzalo Gustavo

2006-2008Dr. Bill Cameron

Hull, Mark

2005-2007Dr. Julio Montaner

de Pokomandy, Alexandra

2005-2007Drs. Danielle Rouleau & Francois Coutlée

Brophy, Jason

2005-2007Drs. Stan Read & Ari Bitnun

Sindhu, Sardar

2004-2006Dr. Emil Toma

Boulassel, Mohamed Rachid

2004-2006Drs Jean-Pierre Routy, Richard Lalonde, & Rafick-Pierre Sekaly

Turner, Dan

2003-2005Dr. Mark Wainberg

Normén-Younger, A. Lena

2003-2005Dr. Julio Montaner

Sharkawy, Abdu

2003-2004Dr. Julio Montaner

Machouf, Nimah

2002-2004Dr. Chris Tsoukas

van Heeswijk, Rolf

2002-2003Dr. Bill Cameron

Loutfy, Mona

2001-2003Drs. Sharon Walmsley, Anita Rachlis, & Kevin Kain

Tinmouth, Jill

2001-2002Drs. A Steinhart & K Gabor

Press, Natasha

2000-2003Dr. Julio Montaner

Cooper, Curtis

2000-2002Dr. Bill Cameron

Ogilvie, Gina

1999-2001Dr. David Burdge

Bitnun, Sean Ari

1999-2001Dr. Susan King

Quan, Yudong

1998-2001Dr. Mark Wainberg

Klein, Marina

1998-2000Dr. Richard Lalonde

Slayter, Kathryn

1998-1999Dr. Walter Schlech III

Montessori, Val

1997-1999Dr. Julio Montaner

Rosser, Stuart

1997-1998Dr. Fred Aoki

Samson, Lindy

1996-1998Dr. Stanley Read

Turner, Howard

1996-1997Dr. Chris Tsoukas

Rouleau, Danielle

1995-1997Dr. Brian Conway

Bayoumi, Ahmed

1995-1996Drs. Read & Fong

Kravcik, Stephen

1994-1996Dr. Bill Cameron

Pelletier, Véronique

1994-1995Dr. Normand Lapointe

Mandigo, Kathy

1994-1995Dr. Julio Montaner

Osborne, Maria

1993-1994Drs. Hamel & Beaulieu

Routy, Jean-Pierre

1992-1994Drs. Hamel & Beaulieu

Pattullo, Andrew

1992-1994Dr. O'Shaughnessy

Harris, Marianne

1992-1994Dr. Chris Tsoukas

Murphy, Carol

1992-1993Dr. Julio Montaner

Manion, Douglas

1992-1993Dr. Brian Conway

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