Research Project: Perinatally HIV infected youth transitioning to adult care: Experiences and attitudes informing best practice for transition

Postdoc Year(s): 2016-2017, 2017-2018

Dr. Nancy Nashid is a post-graduate fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children at the University of Toronto. Her current research looks at the transition from youth to adult care in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) among youth infected with HIV at birth or in early childhood. Her research is supervised by Drs. Ari Bitnun, Jason Brophy, and Stanley Read.

“My involvement with Refuge Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health and advocacy work with Hamilton’s inner city youth through the Catholic Children’s Aid Society were eye-opening experiences for me, as I witnessed firsthand the stigma facing young people living with HIV,” says Dr. Nancy Nashid.

The lack of scientific evidence on how to best care for youth transitioning to adult care presents a challenge for HIV care providers. Studies have highlighted experiences in other high-income countries, but with differing health care systems the extent to which their findings apply to Canada is unknown. A 2007 report estimated that 300 HIV-positive children and adolescents were being cared for in Canadian pediatric centres, half of which were aged 12-22.

Dr. Nashid’s research during her CTN fellowship will explore the experiences of HIV-positive youth in the GTA in their transition from pediatric to adult care. It aims to describe the clinical and health outcomes of this group as well as predictors of successful transition. She hopes to contribute to the development of evidence-based guidelines on this subject.

Dr. Nashid completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Doctor of Medicine, as well as post-graduate Pediatric Residency Training, at McMaster University.