Aslam Anis, PhD
National Director

Dr. Anis, National Director of the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN), is a respected health economist and sought-after speaker on the topic of economic evaluation and resource allocation in health care systems. Dr. Anis is also a Professor in the School of Population and Public Health (SPPH) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Director of the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences (CHEOS), a large multidisciplinary health outcomes research organization that often partners with the CTN. Dr. Anis’s primary areas of expertise include the cost-effectiveness of treatments for HIV/AIDS and other health care interventions. At both CHEOS and the CTN, Dr. Anis leads active research programs in pharmacoeconomics.

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Dr. Anis’s research activities in the area of HIV/AIDS have been extensive. In the 1990s, Dr. Anis was among the first scholars worldwide to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and his work helped shape economic policies governing access to this critical treatment for persons living with HIV/AIDS. He has since published widely in the peer-reviewed literature on quality of life and health resource use and costs among HIV/AIDS patients treated and not treated with ART. Since his recruitment in 1995 to Providence Health Care (PHC), home to the CTN, Dr. Anis has fostered a network of world-class scientists in health economics and health services research in HIV/AIDS, driving numerous influential programs to inform health policy. In his leadership roles at the CTN, Dr. Anis has championed economic evaluation as a fundamental parallel component to medical research, recognizing the practical constraints on the public health care system and the need for objective decision-making tools.

Dr. Anis works closely with the research collaboration to investigate the socioeconomic aspects of the treatment and management of substance abuse, the North American Opiate Medication Initiative (NAOMI), which continues to inform health policies worldwide. From 2006 to 2009, Dr. Anis served as a member of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research HIV/AIDS Research Advisory Committee, whose mandate is to make recommendations to the government regarding research priorities for HIV/AIDS. From 2006 to 2007, Dr. Anis served on the Public Health Agency of Canada and CIHR Special Planning Committee to review the Federal Initiative on HIV/AIDS in Canada. In 2011, Dr. Anis was inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

Marina Klein, MD
National Co-Director
Core Co-Leader, Co-infections and Concurrent Diseases

Dr. Marina Klein of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal is a national co-director of the CTN. A former CTN postdoctoral fellow (1998-2000), she is also co-leader of the Co-infections and Concurrent Diseases Core.

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Dr. Klein graduated from McGill Medical School in 1991 and received her training in internal medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital from 1991-1994. After completing a research fellowship in infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota in 1998 she returned to McGill University to join the Division of Infectious Diseases/Chronic Viral Illness Service at the Royal Victoria Hospital. While on faculty she received a Master’s degree in epidemiology and biostatistics from McGill. She is a former postdoctoral fellow of the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network and a previous recipient of an MRC/CIHR New Investigator award. She is currently supported by a “Chercheur National” Award from the FRQ-S.

Dr. Klein focuses her research on clinical and epidemiologic aspects of HIV and hepatitis C co-infection and leads a CIHR-funded prospective cohort study of co-infected patients to study the interaction of these chronic viral infections. She is also a principal investigator for clinical trials in the treatment of co-infection. Additional research interests include observational database research in pharmacoepidemiology of antiretrovirals, HIV infection in women and non-clade B HIV populations.

Sharon Walmsley, MD, MSc, FRCPC
National Co-Director
Core Co-Leader, Clinical Management Science

Dr. Sharon Walmsley is a national co-director of the CTN. In addition to this role, she is the co-leader for the Clinical Management Science Core, chair of the Steering Committee as well as the CTN site director for the Toronto General Hospital.

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Dr. Walmsley obtained her medical degree from the University of Western Ontario. She has completed specialty training in Infectious Diseases, Microbiology and Internal Medicine and has a Master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Walmsley has participated in the pivotal trials of a number of the antiretroviral agents both for treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced patients, and has published widely in the field. She also has interest in the management of HIV infected women. She is a teacher and speaker on many HIV related issues, and supervises masters and PhD students in clinical epidemiology on HIV-related projects.

A member of the governing council of the International AIDS Society, she was the Clinical Sciences co-chair for the World AIDS conference in Toronto, August 2006, and a track B member for the conference in Cape Town in 2009. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Workshop on Adverse Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV.

At the Toronto Hospital, University Health Network, Dr. Walmsley is a professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases, assistant director of the Immmunodeficiency Clinic, and director of the Clinical Research Program. She is also a member of the Scientific Review Committee of the Canadian Association for HIV Research, and the Canadian Institute of Health Research Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials Panel. A senior scientist with the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, her receipt of a career support award from the Ontario HIV Treatment Network enables her to continue her research in the area of HIV clinical management.

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