CTN studies that are enrolling participants

CTN Trials have been approved by the Community Advisory Committee of the Canadian HIV Trials Network and the Network’s Scientific Review Committee, or other national peer-review panels such as those at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the U.S. National Institutes of Health. CTNPT studies are small-scale investigations designed to determine the feasibility of research concepts, and do not all go through the regular CTN clinical trial review process.

Information about the trials listed below is provided by the CTN.

Small-scale CTN funded studies that are enrolling participants:

CTNPT 001: Fracture case-control study in HIV

CTNPT 002: Impact of counselling on sexual risk behaviours

CTNPT 003: Bone and renal outcomes in tenofovir-exposed infants

CTNPT 004: Effects of HLA allele frequencies on HIV disease progression

CTNPT 005: Measuring cognition in HIV

CTNPT 006: The Niaspan® study

CTNPT 011: Monitoring penicillin levels for syphilis

CTNPT 014: Combination therapy for the management of HIV infection in the setting of HCV co-infection 

CTNPT 015:  COMO cognition study with HIV+ patients 

CTNPT 021: The BATARI Pilot Study [NEW]

CTN studies that are enrolling participants:


CTN 279: Toronto MSM PrEP 5 Pilot [NEW]

CTN 273: Brain Health Now! [NEW]

CTN 272: Canadian HIV and Aging cohort [NEW]

CTN 271: Gay Poz Sex [NEW]

CTN 265: The sexual confidence study [NEW]

CTN 264: Investigating access to food for people living with HIV-HCV co-infection 

CTN 262: Canadian HIV women’s sexual and reproductive health cohort study (CHIWOS)

CTN 257: Impact of HIV on mucosa

CTN 256: Phase IIB study of efficacy and safety of AGS-004

CTN 254: Inflammation as a predictor of HIV disease progression

CTN 248: Incentives Stop AIDS & HIV in Drug Users [NEW]

CTN 247: Canadian cohort of HIV+ slow progressors

CTN 240: Valacyclovir in delaying antiretroviral treatment entry (VALIDATE) trial

CTN 222: Canadian co-infection cohort