Clinical Trials - Research for treatments, preventions and a cure

Clinical trials are carefully designed experiments that allow scientists to test new treatments and procedures on people. They are a logical, structured way to answer questions about how to prevent, treat and cure HIV/AIDS.

These trials are the most effective way to assess whether the benefits of a particular treatment or procedure outweigh its risks, and if it will prevent transmission of HIV or improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Reasons for participating in a clinical trial include the possibility of benefiting from an experimental therapy, as well as the desire to be part of a process that could lead to advances in HIV treatment and help other people living with HIV/AIDS. Clinical trials involve risks and uncertainties, however; so, you should consider your options carefully before deciding whether to participate.

If you are living with HIV and interested in clinical trials, talk to your doctor or local AIDS group. To view CTN studies that are enrolling participants click here