Core Research Teams

In 2003, the CTN developed a new strategy to transition from a regional structure into the present Core Research Model. The new Core structure supports our scientists – emerging and experienced – to generate new concepts and protocols. The Cores strive to ensure that studies are implemented while still topical, and are equipped to provide a forum for dynamic discussion of research ideas and the rapid movement of research initiatives into clinical trials.

Together, these teams function as a catalyst of scientific activity in their area. Core teams focus the expertise of clinical investigators and nurses, clinical research coordinators, CTN support staff, and members of the HIV community, on generating study protocols that address the most urgent clinical questions of the day.

CTN Factsheet

Drs. Fiona Smaill and Sharon Walmsley, Core Co-Leaders

The Clinical Management Science Core focuses on three areas of research that address the needs of the HIV-patient populations at various stages: Individuals’ needs from diagnosis and before initiation of ART; individuals’ needs after initiation of ART, including toxicity and clinical management; and determinants of efficacy related to ART.

Core Research Associate:

Laura Puri

Drs. Curtis Cooper and Marina Klein, Core Co-Leaders

The Co-infections and Concurrent Diseases Core focuses on the epidemiology and clinical care of emerging co-infections like HCV and HPV, as well as concurrent diseases like syphilis.

Core Research Associates:

Chrissi Galanakis

Chantal Burelle

Drs. Jonathan Angel and Jean-Pierre Routy, Core Co-Leaders

The Vaccines and Immunotherapies Core focuses on research in targeted immunotherapies, prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines, and emerging areas of research in treatment and immune-system support. The VIT Core aims to broaden interest in vaccines and immunotherapies and to engage more investigators in this area from across Canada.

Core Research Associates:

Angie Massicotte

Drs. Mona Loutfy and Catherine Worthington, Core Co-Leaders
The Prevention and Vulnerable Populations Core focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention strategies, identifying the needs of vulnerable and at-risk HIV-positive individuals and engaging vulnerable and at-risk individuals in health care.

Core Research Associates:

Mina Kazemi

Chavisa Horemans


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