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List of CTN Services

The CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network provides whatever services an investigator needs to implement a study – from protocol to publication.

CTN Strategic Plan | 2014-2019

The CTN’s unique value to Canada lies in being a Network: over the next five years, CTN will
therefore focus on doing those things which only a Network can do well. It will take a stronger
and more explicit role in shaping the overall agenda for clinical research in HIV and related coinfections,
and driving response to that agenda.

CTN Publication Guidelines

In order to keep better account of publications and presentations that are based on CTN studies, we have updated our Publication Guidelines. The main change is to list your affiliation with the CTN in addition to acknowledging support to the CTN in the Acknowledgments section.

CTN Protocol Templates

Download templates created for developing study protocols for either interventional or non-interventional (observational) studies.